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Club PAW is affiliated with MYWAY (Michigan Youth Wrestling Association) and is registered under the Metro Region.

Tournament Protocol

Competition and Developmental wrestlers participating in Club PAW’s competition season will need to adhere to the following protocol:


What are MYWAY Tournaments?

MYWAY tournaments are individual competitions that take place almost every Sunday from mid-December until mid-March and are held at high schools throughout the state of Michigan. Wrestlers will be placed in pools or brackets (based on age and weight) to determine the best wrestler for the day. Medals are awarded to the top 4 placers. 

Once the tournament schedule has been posted, Club PAW will select four regular season tournaments for which the coaching staff will be present. Club PAW wrestlers will be expected to attend these select tournaments.

Developmental Club and first year wrestlers will participate in MYWAY’s NOVICE division.

Competition Club and second year MYWAY wrestlers will participate in the OPEN division.

Tournament Registration

Wrestlers must submit their weight by Monday Night prior to the following Sunday’s tournament to be included in our roster for the week.

Unless otherwise communicated to a coach, wrestler’s attendance will be assumed.

Single Tournament Entry Fee

Each individual tournament will have an entry fee (typically ≈ $15).

Entry fees are paid at the designated check in table on the day of the tournament.

Parents who fail to communicate a wrestler’s absence will still need to pay the tournament entry fee.


Developmental Club wrestlers will participate in the Future Starts Novice State Championships to conclude their season.

Competition Club wrestlers who participate in 2 or more OPEN tournaments will automatically qualify to participate in the Metro Regional tournament. Placing top 4 at Regionals will qualify the wrestler for MYWAY’s State Championships.

Additional Fees

Developmental Club wrestlers who have opted to participate will have a $50 registration fee and will need to purchase a Club PAW uniform to participate in tournaments.

Competition Club wrestlers will need to purchase a Club PAW uniform to participate in tournaments.


Wrestlers will have the option to wear either of following attire*


Club PAW Team Singlet


Club PAW Competition Combo

*Uniforms are sold separatley

Tournament Calendar

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