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2023 Summer Wrestling Camp

Thank you all who attended this Summer

See you in the Fall




Camp Information

Dates:      July 17th - July 20th

Time:       4:45 pm - Check in

                 5:00 pm - Camp start

                 8:30 pm - Pick up 

Location: Hart Middle School - Main Gym


The focus of this camp is to help aspiring wrestlers become more in tune with the sport. Each day will be filled with activities and games for the wrestlers to help with their athleticism and technique. Activities will include; conditioning, technique, plenty of games, and of course, live wrestling.


Conditioning will consist of free body exercises led by our club's own certified personal trainer. 

Technique will cover strictly the fundamentals of the sport. It is our club's philosophy to focus on the base moves of the sport. You can't be great without dominating the fundamentals. 

Games will include competitive activities like handball to shoe-tag, anything to keep the kids active and engaged. 

Food will not be provided. We will take roughly 15 minutes to eat a snack brought from home. It is recommended that wrestlers bring nutritious and healthy food to sustain them through the evening. The club will provide some additional snacks and water as needed. 

What to bring: Large water bottle (roughly 32 oz), running/athletic shoes, shorts/sweats & t-shirt, wrestling shoes, wrestling headgear, bagged lunch.

At the end of the last day, each wrestler will receive a limited edition Club PAW Summer 2023 Camp t-shirt

Cost: $100 due at registration + $20 - material fees (due on first day)

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