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Novice Club

Boys & Girls, Grades 2nd -6th

Monday & Wednesday

Nov. 6, 2024 - March 21, 2025
6:00 pm - 7:15 pm

2024-2025 Season Registration

Coming soon!

The Novice Club is designed for first- and second-year wrestlers seeking an introduction to the sport or looking to emphasize fundamental skills. The program covers essential offensive and defensive techniques necessary for success in competitive settings. Each class will start with warm-ups, followed by technical instruction, exercises, drills, live wrestling sessions, and end with a wrestling-related game.

Wrestlers in the Developmental Club have the option to participate in our MYWAY (Michigan Youth Wrestling Association) competition season*.

All wrestlers will receive a dry-fit Club PAW Team shirt. ​​


General Topics and Techniques

·       Rules and scoring

·       Strategies for successful wrestling

·       Stance & movement

·       Starting positions

·       Leg attack takedowns

·       Defense to leg attacks

·       Basic pinning combinations

·       Escapes and reversals

·       Live wrestling

·       Wrestling games

Coaching Philosophies

·       training and drilling principles

·       the mental approach to wrestling

·       sportsmanship in a team setting

*MYWAY Competitions

Developmental Club wrestlers who participate in our competition season will be enrolled in the MYWAY season roster and will be required to attend all NOVICE tournaments with Club PAW.

Please see TOURNAMENT PROTOCOLS for more information.

**MYWAY Registration fee and Club PAW Uniform are charged separately.

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