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Introduction to Wrestling

Boys & Girls, Ages 5-7


Oct. 22, 2024 - Jan. 21, 2025
6:30 pm - 7:30 pm

2024-2025 Season Registration Opens August 1st

The introduction to wrestling course will cover a range of physical activities to help understand objectives in the sport of wrestling. Activities will include tasks like basic tumbling, flexibility training, and wrestling-related games. Each session will introduce fundamental wrestling techniques and concepts, fostering confidence and proficiency on the mat.

All wrestlers will receive a dry-fit Club PAW Team shirt. ​​


General Topics and Techniques

·       Rules and scoring

·       Strategies for successful wrestling

·       Stance & movement

·       Starting positions

·       Basic tumbling

·       Flexibility training

·       Wrestling games

Coaching Philosophies

·       fundamental footwork & movement

·       building confidence on the mat

·       sportsmanship in a team setting

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